So many great things have started out with Weddings. Shaun photographed his first wedding over 15 years ago with his father Gord. Who had already been photographing weddings for 20 years. We are now photographing multiple second generation weddings each year. 

We also happened to meet at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2008 and our own wedding in 2010 was a wonderful experience and the beginning of our family. 

We love wedding portraits. Beautiful outfits and happy couples. But what we love the most about weddings are the emotions and the authentic moments that happen throughout the day. We love documenting the day as it happens and telling the story of your wedding as it unfolds. 



Wedding - Justin and Jenna

A lovely summer wedding in one of the most beautiful churches in Edmonton. 

Wedding - Dayna and Joe

A beautiful wedding with a ceremony and portraits at the University of Alberta.

Wedding - Kim and Andy

A wedding with the ceremony and reception at the Old Timer's Cabin in Edmonton with portraits in the River Valley, Whyte Ave, and some pubs.