Alberta Acreage Wedding - Danika and Ross

Danika and Ross held a lovely outdoor wedding on their property just outside of Edmonton. A warm summer day spent with family and friends is always nice.. but having all of your favourite people there to witness your wedding vows and dance the night away under a big white tent... makes for an incredible way to spend a Summer solstice!

Ross is an avid photographer himself, he actually has an impressive collection of camera bodies, and he expressed interest in having some of the portraits shot on film throughout the day.  We loved the idea, and it gave Shaun a chance to use some of his older camera bodies that haven't been used in a while.. a few of which were handed down from his grandfather.  (see the end of the post for some of the film images)

Using film changes the feel of a session dramatically. Everything is slowed down a few steps.  Each moment is held a little longer.. and there is something special about not seeing the image you've captured until after the film is developed. We had a wonderful time spending the day with you two, and your wonderful family.



Steph and Shaun

The following images were shot on film.