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documentary family Photography - hornung

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that is to document the everyday life for its subjects. Documentary Family Photography is a session that observes a family at their home or in an true environment. It doesn't have any guided poses or directions given by the photographers. Instead, we spend a significant amount of time with a family and document how they spend their morning, afternoon, evening or sometimes the full-day together.  We get to see how the family dynamics play out.  How a couple simply IS together. Their natural way of showing respect and love. How siblings react with each other in their love/hate ways, and how parents unknowingly beam with pride while spending time with their children. 

Using natural light and photojournalistic cameras, we make every effort to stay out of your way and help you feel as relaxed as possible throughout the day.  Also, because we're with you for more than an hour or two like a typical portrait session, people begin to feel more comfortable as the day goes on.

Typically we'll suggest that a few activities have been selected for the day because it will help with the flow of the day, and helps create a space for interacting normally, but otherwise we remain as inobtrusive as possible. 

More and more families are interested in having their everyday lives photographed as an alternative to something more posed or structured because it feels natural, and is a wonderful way to capture that time in their lives with candid and realistic images. 

The story book album that we create and include with each session is a great way to showcase the images and to look back through for years to come.  If you're interested in having us come out to photograph a documentary family session, we'd be happy to meet with you and answer any questions.  

The Hornung's are a family that we have photographed on many occasions and for this session we decided to do a documentary family session at their home in St. Albert.  During the 4 hours, they made lunch, played with their sand toys, baked muffins, put up shelves, played in the snow, played some street hockey, went for a walk with the sled, and had some fun with Lego. This session also features images from the talented Taylor Wilson who was our work experience student at the time.