Rundle Park Wedding - Isabel and Ryan

Edmonton Wedding Photography - Rundle Park - Isabel and Ryan

Talk about two beautiful and creative souls who are meant to be. Isabel and Ryan share such a sweet bond and they radiate a sense of warmth and calmness when you're around them. It was such a pleasure to be a part of their day. 

Isabel designed and made her own dress, along with a lot of the decor and jewellery from the day! She was finishing up the final touches of her dress until the wee hours of the night right before the wedding! Everything looked gorgeous and all the details were incredible. Still, our favorite part was the combining of two families who loved and supported this couple.

After a beautiful ceremony at their family church and some ice cream and popsicles, we headed to Rundle Park for some portraits. They had their reception at the Rundle Family Centre and we love the way they made the reception area feel like home with lavender, tea, board games and repurposed coffee and drink cups (that the guests got to take home). It truly was a cozy reception.

Congratulations again, 
The Scades